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Renew Your Vote-By-Mail Request

Florida voters must now request a Vote-By-Mail ballot every election cycle.
Florida legislators shortened the Vote-By-Mail enrollment period beginning in 2023. This means that if you want to vote by mail in any 2023 municipal election or the 2024 November general election, you must submit a new Vote-By-Mail request to your county supervisor of elections.

We partnered with Vote.org to make Vote-By-Mail enrollment quick and easy.

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Latest Actions

Add Your Name: Strengthen Protections for Homeowners Facing Construction Fraud

Write your Florida lawmakers to build a better financial safety net for Florida homeowners facing contractor fraud.
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Add your name: Support homeowners’ insurance rebates for Florida’s low-income seniors

The sharp increase in insurance premiums is pushing many seniors to the brink of losing their homes. Write your lawmakers to support SB 348, which ...
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Tell Florida Lawmakers: Help Us Lower Our Electricity Bills With Reliable and Affordable Energy Options

Volatile natural gas prices are driving electricity bills through the roof for families across Florida. Tell Florida lawmakers: we deserve reliable and affordable solar energy ...
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Add Your Name: Make Florida Affordable Again

Are you feeling the squeeze of Florida's skyrocketing housing costs and stagnant wages? Do you think our leaders need to focus on making Florida affordable ...
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Latest News

house renovation
Accountability on Rising CostsEconomic Opportunity

Contractor Fraud Allegations Soar in Florida: Why the Homeowners Construction Recovery Fund Needs an Upgrade

Floridians who have to deal with fraudulent construction contractors are left with little recourse, and the state fund designed to help them recover funds is ...
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natural gas price volatility
Economic Opportunity

Volatile Natural Gas Prices Are The Key To Florida’s Painful Electricity Bills

Many Florida residents struggle to pay their electricity bills, and the skyrocketing costs are due to the volatile natural gas market.
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Let's Make Florida Affordable Again
Economic Opportunity

After Years of “Florida-flation,” It’s Time To Make Florida Affordable Again

From property insurance to utility rates, healthcare costs to unemployment reform, affordable housing to protecting democracy, and safeguarding unions—we need our leaders to Make Florida ...
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Why is Florida not working to fix its broken unemployment system?
Economic OpportunityHolding Elected Leaders Accountable

Why Did Florida Miss Out on Federal Aid to Fix Its Unemployment System?

A key piece of Florida's worker safety net is still broken: the unemployment system which is meant to give workers the tools to get through ...
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By the Numbers

$ 0

The median Florida home price as of August 2022.

$ 0

The average homeowner insurance policy in Florida, which is 67% more than the national annual average.

$ 0

The average car insurance policy in Florida, which is 37% more than the national annual average of $2,014.

0 +

The number of times Opportunity For All Floridians members communicated with lawmakers about their concerns in 2022.

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