Take Our Unemployment Survey | Opportunity For All Floridians

Our Lawmakers are meeting now!

It's time for them to fix Florida's broken unemployment system.

You can join our efforts to work alongside our lawmakers to create the common sense unemployment reform Floridians deserve.

Why are we organizing?
The only way to get real unemployment reform is to speak directly with those in power to fix the system. To date, very few legislators have gone on the record with support for increasing weekly benefits and increasing the duration of benefits. The website is not the only broken component. Any unemployment reform bill has to pass through designated committees. We are organizing to reach out to the Senators and Representatives who have the power to pass or kill an unemployment reform bill.

How are we organizing?
We are organizing statewide to have a greater impact on our lawmakers and make sure they hear the personal stories of Floridians impacted by the broken unemployment system. Your story and opinions matter!! You can make a difference no matter how much time you have available.

Have 1 minute?
Take our survey today and we will be sharing the results with all lawmakers.

Have 1 hour or less a week?
You can choose one (or more) of the contact methods below to have your story and opinions heard.

  1. CALL to share your story and your opinion. Yes, lawmakers have staff that listen to voicemail messages.
  2. WRITE to share your story and opinion. A recent survey of legislative staffers revealed that handwritten letters were the most effective form of communication with lawmakers.
  3. ATTEND A VIRTUAL MEETING to discuss legislative priorities. Prior to the pandemic, we could schedule in-person meetings at district offices. Now, we schedule virtual meetings. These are the second most effective form of communication with lawmakers. It’s always important to look someone in the eye when you make a request.
  4. TWEET to share your story and opinion. Not all lawmakers use Twitter, but for the ones that do, it is highly effective and easy. It has taken the place of handwritten letters for younger generations.
  5. VIDEO STORY COLLECTION to share your story and opinion. You can write a short letter and record a video of you reading the letter to your legislators. This is very impactful when used on social media. It can help draw the attention of your friends and family.

Have 2-5 hours per week?
Are you passionate about unemployment reform and willing to spend a few hours a week organizing your neighbors? We are looking for Unemployment Reform Captains all over Florida. We will provide Captains with lists of a few dozen constituents (people who live within the same lawmakers district as you) to contact and help them organize. Your goal is to help them reach out to your legislators by any method they choose. You will also be setting the virtual meetings with your State Senator and State Representative. Don’t worry, we will provide an agenda and talking points to keep everyone on track. We will also share our Unemployment Reform Toolkit, which has legislative contact information, samples of letters written by constituents, a video collection guide, and other helpful tools to make you a successful Captain.

When are we organizing?
The 2021 Florida legislative session starts March 2nd but bills are being filed as you read this. We need your voice to be heard by lawmakers before the start of the legislative session in March.

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