Tell Ron DeSantis: Veto the FPL Giveaway | Opportunity For All Floridians

Tell Ron DeSantis: Veto the FPL Giveaway 

The Florida Legislature just approved a new law that would put a tax on sunshine, kill thousands of good-paying jobs in the solar industry and impose new fees that would hurt low-income Floridians.

Florida is inching closer to changing the state’s solar industry—and individual ownership of solar panels—for the worse.

A bill, HB 741, heavily backed by utility companies like Florida Power & Light, just passed through both the Florida House and the Senate. Its last stop before becoming law: Governor DeSantis’s desk. He has the chance to veto this law, stop increased energy bills, and encourage solar freedom and energy independence in Florida.

The legislation changes “net metering” rules, which allow customers with rooftop solar panels to send excess electricity back to the grid in exchange for a credit on their electric bill. The legislation lowers the amount of credit solar customers receive and hits them with additional fees. On top of that, it imposes new minimum fees on all customers, hurting low-income customers the most.

This bill would destroy the rooftop solar industry just as it’s getting off the ground. It amounts to a new tax on sunshine, it would endanger around 40,000 jobs and would hurt low-income Floridians with increased fees.

We need your help. Can you send an email to Governor DeSantis and tell him to veto this bill?

Our power bills are too high. We don’t need a new tax on energy. What we need is energy freedom and support for good-paying jobs in Florida.

This just takes one minute.