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Digital Ad Campaign Launched to Boost Enrollment in Vote-by-Mail

Opportunity For All Floridians and the Miami Freedom Project are launching a five-figure digital ad buy urging Floridians to re-enroll in Vote-By-Mail. This campaign comes after the state of Florida purged 100% of Florida voters from the Vote-by-Mail rolls after the 2022 general election, due to the passage of S.B. 90, an election law passed in 2021.
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Floridians Passed Medical Marijuana Through Direct Democracy—Tell Your Lawmaker: Don’t Silence our Voices

Florida voters legalized medical marijuana in 2016 through direct democracy at the ballot box. Tell your lawmaker: no new limits on citizen-led ballot initiatives!

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Direct Democracy Saved Greyhounds in Florida—Tell Your Lawmaker: Don’t Silence Our Voices!

We passed a measure saving greyhounds from cruelty through the citizen-led ballot initiative practice. Write Your Lawmakers: Don’t Silence Our Voices!

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Write Your Lawmaker: No New Limits on Citizen-Led Ballot Initiatives!

After years of environmental disasters, Florida voters used a ballot initiative to ban offshore oil drilling in 2018. Write Your Lawmakers: Citizen-Led Ballot Initiatives Are Direct Democracy – Don’t Silence Our Voices!

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Hands Off Our Social Security and Medicare

Social Security and Medicare are bedrock programs that allow Florida seniors to live with dignity and health in their golden years. Add your name: don’t sunset these programs for Floridians living in our golden years

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Latest News

Accountability: Economic FairnessEconomic Opportunity

Do Florida’s Corporate Tax Giveaways Come at the Expense of Funding Affordable Housing?

The most recent legislative session continued to prioritize corporate tax giveaways over much needed efforts to fund affordable housing in Florida.

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Accountability: Economic Fairness

On Tax Day, Let’s Shine a Spotlight on Florida’s Corporate Tax Giveaways

Florida’s Families Pay Our Taxes to Fund Our Priorities – Florida’s Largest Corporations Should Pay Their Fair Share Too The Florida Department of Revenue said …

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Economic OpportunityNews

Floridians Used as Pawns to Achieve Political Agenda

How can residents experience “freedom” when they are worried about food in their stomachs and a roof over their head?

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Accountability on Rising CostsEconomic Opportunity

Florida’s unemployment benefits have been the same stingy amount for almost 25 years | Opinion

In 1998, the maximum unemployment benefit a Floridian could get was $275 a week. Today? The exact same $275 a week.

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By the Numbers

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Over 800,000 people would gain affordable health coverage if Florida expands Medicaid.


2.8 million people in Florida do not have access to health care due to rising costs of premiums, prescriptions and deductibles.


Over 3 million Floridians have received at least 1 payment from either the state or federal unemployment programs since March 2020.

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93% of all Floridians asked in a recent survey said the state government needs to do more to protect the economy and hard working families.

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