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Opportunity For All Floridians
Opportunity For All Floridians

Make Florida Affordable Again!

As inflation cools around the rest of the country, Floridians are dealing with “Florida-flation”: Florida is now America’s inflation hotspot, largely driven by housing costs. The cost of housing and insurance are at the top of Floridians’ list of concerns. Tell Florida lawmakers: it’s time to focus on real issues again. It’s time to Make Florida Affordable Again.

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Let’s Rebuild Florida’s Mangrove Forests!

As our population has grown, many mangroves have been destroyed or died. SB 32 would fund an effort to plant more mangrove trees and restore ...
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Add Your Name: Strengthen Protections for Homeowners Facing Construction Fraud

Write your Florida lawmakers to build a better financial safety net for Florida homeowners facing contractor fraud.
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Add your name: Support homeowners’ insurance rebates for Florida’s low-income seniors

The sharp increase in insurance premiums is pushing many seniors to the brink of losing their homes. Write your lawmakers to support SB 348, which ...
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Tell Florida Lawmakers: Help Us Lower Our Electricity Bills With Reliable and Affordable Energy Options

Volatile natural gas prices are driving electricity bills through the roof for families across Florida. Tell Florida lawmakers: we deserve reliable and affordable solar energy ...
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Latest News

Economic Opportunity

Is A Program To Help Florida Homeowners Struggling with Soaring Property Insurance Premiums Too Successful?

The My Safe Florida Home Program helps homeowners with needed home hardening projects and can help potentially lower their property insurance premiums. Why it's already ...
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Ohio voters reject a Republican attack on direct Democracy: Florida voters face the same attacks.

Ohio isn't the only state trying to add hurdles to direct democracy. Florida Republicans have filed a bill every year since 2017 to alter Florida's ...
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Accountability on Rising CostsEconomic Opportunity

Why Is Your Electric Bill So High? New Reports Show How Power Companies Spend Your Money On Politics, and it’s 100% Legal

New reports reveal the extent to which major electric companies like FPL use money from your electric bill in lobbying and other political activities. And ...
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Economic OpportunityEnvironment

Revealed: 75% of Florida’s Electricity Generated From One Volatile Fuel

Natural gas is the primary source of fuel for all of Florida’s major electricity companies. And the price fluctuations associated with natural gas hit Floridians' ...
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By the Numbers

$ 0

The median Florida home price as of August 2022.

$ 0

The average homeowner insurance policy in Florida, which is 67% more than the national annual average.

$ 0

The average car insurance policy in Florida, which is 37% more than the national annual average of $2,014.

0 +

The number of times Opportunity For All Floridians members communicated with lawmakers about their concerns in 2022.

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