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Digital Ad Campaign Launched to Boost Enrollment in Vote-by-Mail

Opportunity For All Floridians and the Miami Freedom Project are launching a five-figure digital ad buy urging Floridians to re-enroll in Vote-By-Mail. This campaign comes after the state of Florida purged 100% of Florida voters from the Vote-by-Mail rolls after the 2022 general election, due to the passage of S.B. 90, an election law passed in 2021.
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Latest Actions

Support the Educators Who Support Our Children!

Florida’s educators rank 49th in average compensation, behind only Mississippi. Write your lawmakers and tell them to support our Florida educators who provide high quality instruction for our children.

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Write your lawmaker: Support fair competition in the Electric Vehicle charging market

Whether or not you drive an electric vehicle today, electric vehicles may bring in an era of much lower driving costs, but only if Florida sets up EV charging regulations that are fair and promote competition.

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Write Your Lawmakers: Protect the Manatees

Even though manatees are dying off at alarming rates, the Federal government removed them from the Endangered Species list in 2017. Tell your state lawmakers that Florida should do everything to protect manatees regardless of their federal status.

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Write Your Lawmakers: Restore the seagrass for the manatees

If you’re passionate about protecting Florida’s manatees, write your lawmakers and urge them to support legislation to restore seagrass, an important food source for marine animals like manatees.

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Latest News


Is Vote-By-Mail at risk in Florida?

In recent years, politicians in Tallahassee have sought to add additional steps to the vote by mail option used by millions of Florida voters.

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The Next Fight For Energy Independence: Our Pocketbooks

Guest author Josh Sproat argues the next fight for energy independence isn’t just for countries, it’s for Floridians’ homes and pocketbooks.

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Economic OpportunityEnvironment

Can solar energy power bright futures for Florida’s schools?

The cost savings and flexible applications of solar schools creates a brighter way forward for Florida’s students and taxpayers.

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How to get help after Hurricane Ian

When a storm like Hurricane Ian hits our state, the financial burdens can be severe. Here are some resources to help.

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By the Numbers

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Over 800,000 people would gain affordable health coverage if Florida expands Medicaid.


2.8 million people in Florida do not have access to health care due to rising costs of premiums, prescriptions and deductibles.


Over 3 million Floridians have received at least 1 payment from either the state or federal unemployment programs since March 2020.

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93% of all Floridians asked in a recent survey said the state government needs to do more to protect the economy and hard working families.

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