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Digital Ad Campaign Launched to Boost Enrollment in Vote-by-Mail

Opportunity For All Floridians and the Miami Freedom Project are launching a five-figure digital ad buy urging Floridians to re-enroll in Vote-By-Mail. This campaign comes after the state of Florida purged 100% of Florida voters from the Vote-by-Mail rolls after the 2022 general election, due to the passage of S.B. 90, an election law passed in 2021.
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Write Your Lawmaker: Stop Favoring Big Developers

The proposed legislation would put justice out of reach for the average resident for fear of paying the monumental corporate legal fees. Write your lawmakers: stop favoring big developers in the courtroom.

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Modernize Florida’s Outdated Unemployment Benefits

Florida’s unemployment system failed us when we needed it most. The economy depends on workers smoothly transitioning to new jobs, not being forced into impossible decisions by underfunded and outdated unemployment benefits that push families into poverty.

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Write Your Lawmakers: Hands Off Our Local Water Rights

Floridians should have the ability to preserve our local communities, our environment, and the places we call home without the interference of big government and corporations who pollute our water. Write your lawmakers and tell them: hands off our local water rights!

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Write your lawmaker: Keep zoning laws local, stop the big developers

Write your lawmakers and say: keep Florida affordable and livable, and don’t override our local community zoning from Tallahassee with more giveaways to big developers!

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Accountability: DemocracyDemocracy

Florida Voters Removed from Vote-By-Mail Enrollment: What You Need to Know

Because of a new law, all Florida voters were removed from enrollment in vote-by-mail. To participate in future elections via mail-in voting, Florida voters must re-enroll in vote-by-mail.

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Economic OpportunityEnvironment

Electric School Buses — Safer and Cleaner For Our Kids

Replacing diesel school buses with electric school buses is equivalent to taking 27 cars off the road and makes a big difference in lung health for our kids.

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Accountability: Economic FairnessEconomic Opportunity

The Importance of an Independent Public Counsel for Florida

The Public Counsel is one of the most important, but least understood roles in Florida government, acting as a watchdog on behalf of Florida’s utility customers.

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Vote-By-Mail has been around since the Civil War and now some Florida legislators want to kill it

Vote-by-mail has been a valuable tool for military personnel and others who face obstacles to voting since the Civil War.

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By the Numbers

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Over 800,000 people would gain affordable health coverage if Florida expands Medicaid.


2.8 million people in Florida do not have access to health care due to rising costs of premiums, prescriptions and deductibles.


Over 3 million Floridians have received at least 1 payment from either the state or federal unemployment programs since March 2020.

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93% of all Floridians asked in a recent survey said the state government needs to do more to protect the economy and hard working families.

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