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At Opportunity For All Floridians, our mission is to promote better economic opportunities for all Floridians, ensure all Florida voters have equal access to the ballot box, and work to protect our environment, our animals and our local freedom so that all Floridians can live a happy, prosperous, and free life. We have created a scorecard to help you evaluate how your lawmakers are working to make Florida a better place to live on a variety of issues: economic opportunity, democracy, environment, animals and home rule. Use this tool to see how your lawmaker scored overall, and then check out our scorecards on specific issues.

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Protect Hillsborough County’s election budget!

Hillsborough County is facing a sudden cut to its election budget — that they already approved — by $200,000 in a short-sighted and highly unusual decision. Take Action: tell your Hillsborough commissioners to protect election funding and restore the money to the supervisor’s budget.

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Flammable Fuel Tanks Near Your Neighborhood? Tell Gov. DeSantis: Let Us Decide – Veto HB 1645

Residents are fighting to stop a giant flammable fuel distribution facility being built in their backyards. When local officials paused the project, the company went to state lawmakers asking for a bill to override all local zoning controls about fuel storage—impacting everyone in Florida! Tell Gov. DeSantis: let local citizens and officials keep control over these decisions.

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