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    Economic Opportunity

    We believe in a Florida with economic opportunity for all Floridians, and that invests back in hardworking people and not just special interests. By advocating for housing affordability, increased worker pay, and job creation, we aim to create a state economy where everyone succeeds, not just those with the loudest voices or deepest pockets.

    Protecting Democracy

    A strong democracy where every Florida voter has equal access to the ballot box is the bedrock of everything we do. Nothing else we advocate for works without faith in Florida’s democratic process. That means believing in Home Rule – allowing our locally elected leaders to make policies that make sense for our communites. That means not weakening the constitutional amendment process by adding more hurdles. Our work is geared towards bolstering democracy from the ground up, reinforcing the principle that true power lies in the hands of the people, not special interests.

    Protecting Florida's Environment

    We believe that Florida’s greatest asset and most significant economic driver is its unparalleled natural environment. From our stunning coastlines to our unique ecosystems, the health of our environment directly impacts the well-being of our communities and the strength of our economy. We are committed to safeguarding these precious resources, understanding that in protecting our environment, we are ultimately protecting ourselves and ensuring a sustainable, prosperous future for all Floridians.

    Championing Home Rule

    We believe that a one-size-fits-all, state-run governing style often serves corporations at the expense of everyday Floridians; hence, we champion the concept of home rule, which allows local governments to address their communities’ unique needs and aspirations. Tallahassee’s increasing reliance on state-level preemption laws strips away the decision-making power of communities, making it easier for big corporations to shape a state that’s home to over 21 million diverse individuals.

    Consumer Protections

    A flourishing economy is built on the foundation of fair and ethical business conduct, not on exploiting hardworking people. We advocate for strong consumer protections that safeguard against predatory behavior, ensuring that the people’s interests are always placed above profits.