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Holding Our Elected Leaders Accountable

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Issue Area: Economic Fairness

The Importance of an Independent Public Counsel for Florida

The Public Counsel is one of the most important, but least understood roles in Florida government, acting as a watchdog on behalf of Florida’s utility customers.

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Do Florida’s Corporate Tax Giveaways Come at the Expense of Funding Affordable Housing?

The most recent legislative session continued to prioritize corporate tax giveaways over much needed efforts to fund affordable housing in Florida.

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On Tax Day, Let’s Shine a Spotlight on Florida’s Corporate Tax Giveaways

Florida’s Families Pay Our Taxes to Fund Our Priorities – Florida’s Largest Corporations Should Pay …

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Tell Ron DeSantis: Veto the FPL Giveaway

A bill, HB 741, heavily backed by utility companies like Florida Power & Light, just passed through both the Florida House and the Senate. Its last stop before becoming law: Governor DeSantis’s desk. He has the chance to veto this law, stop increased energy bills, and encourage solar freedom and energy independence in Florida.

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Tell Florida Lawmakers: Don’t Lower Our Minimum Wage

Floridians believe that everybody who works for a living should be paid enough to provide a decent and healthy life. That’s why we voted overwhelmingly to increase the minimum wage in 2020.

Florida Lawmakers now want to chip away at that living wage law by introducing a so-called “training wage.”

This loophole could mean the end of a real, meaningful living wage for millions of Floridians, especially if employers can just hire and fire new employees every six months to keep them on the “training wage.”

Sign the petition: we voted to increase the minimum wage and we meant that.

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Could you survive on $275 per week?

Without Federal money, Florida’s maximum unemployment benefit would be $275/week. Most people received much less than that.

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Issue Area: Defending Democracy

Florida Voters Removed from Vote-By-Mail Enrollment: What You Need to Know

Because of a new law, all Florida voters were removed from enrollment in vote-by-mail. To participate in future elections via mail-in voting, Florida voters must re-enroll in vote-by-mail.

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What You Need to Know About Florida’s New Vote-By-Mail Rules

Voting by mail is still safe and easy and it works mostly the same in Florida! Despite the passage of SB 90, voting by mail has mostly stayed the same, but there are a few changes to keep in mind: read more here.

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An Unnecessary Elections Police Force

No matter our age, no matter our race, no matter how much money we make, …

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Tell Gov. DeSantis: Veto the Anti-Voter Freedom Act

Floridians deserve free and fair elections. Tell Gov. Ron DeSantis: veto SB 524 and keep Floridians’ freedom to vote intact.

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Orlando Sentinel: “Florida is about to give more than $500 million to big corporations”

Florida is about to give more than $500 million to some of its biggest corporations. …

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Issue Area: Rising Costs

Tell the Public Service Commission: No Electric Price Gouging

If the Florida Public Service Commission approves the request from Florida’s largest utilities, your monthly electric bill could be going up by as much as 15%.

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Say NO to Florida’s New Natural Gas rate hike

Your monthly gas bill could be going up! Contact Florida’s Public Service Commission directly and let them know your thoughts on the proposed rate hike.

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Take the Quiz: How Much Would a Gas Tax Holiday Save You?

Late last year, with gas prices rapidly rising across the country, Gov. Ron DeSantis promised that help was on the way for Floridians struggling to fill up their tanks. But new reporting has shown that soon changed. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of what happened with Florida’s gas tax holiday.

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Florida’s unemployment benefits have been the same stingy amount for almost 25 years | Opinion

In 1998, the maximum unemployment benefit a Floridian could get was $275 a week. Today? The exact same $275 a week.

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Issue Area: Defending Local Freedoms

Victory! Governor DeSantis Vetoes SB 620

On Friday, June 24, Governor Ron DeSantis vetoed SB 620, formally named the Local Business Protection Act, but which critics dubbed the “Ending Local Freedoms Act.”

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Tell DeSantis to Veto the Puppy Mill Law

The Florida Legislature passed a cruel new bill that would give businesses that support the puppy mill industry, like Petland, much more power to operate anywhere in Florida. The bill, SB 620, will now head to Gov. Ron DeSantis for his signature.

Take one minute and ask Gov. DeSantis to VETO this license for animal cruelty.

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New Florida law could lead to more puppy mills and more animal torture

A new bill is being fast-tracked through the Florida Legislature that would cripple local governments’ ability to stop puppy mills in local jurisdictions.

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