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Write Your Lawmakers: Protect Vote-by-Mail in Florida

Millions of Floridians from all walks of life rely on Florida’s Vote-by-Mail system to participate in our democracy. Tell the Florida Legislature: our vote-by-mail system is the gold standard, don’t take away our freedom to vote by mail!

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Direct Democracy Saved Greyhounds in Florida—Tell Your Lawmaker: Don’t Silence Our Voices!

We passed a measure saving greyhounds from cruelty through the citizen-led ballot initiative practice. Write Your Lawmakers: Don’t Silence Our Voices!

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Write Your Lawmaker: No New Limits on Citizen-Led Ballot Initiatives!

After years of environmental disasters, Florida voters used a ballot initiative to ban offshore oil drilling in 2018. Write Your Lawmakers: Citizen-Led Ballot Initiatives Are Direct Democracy – Don’t Silence Our Voices!

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