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Floridians’ Electric Bills Could Rise in January and April 2023

If Florida’s Public Service Commission approves the requests from FPL, Duke, TECO and FPUC, get ready for your electric bill to go up in January and then again in April.

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Tell the Public Service Commission: No Electric Price Gouging

If the Florida Public Service Commission approves the request from Florida's largest utilities, your monthly electric bill could be going up by as much as ...
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Say NO to Florida’s New Natural Gas rate hike

Your monthly gas bill could be going up! Contact Florida's Public Service Commission directly and let them know your thoughts on the proposed rate hike.
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A rooftop solar installation

Solar energy is at risk in Florida

Allies of Florida's largest utility monopoly have just introduced a bill that would effectively kill the rooftop solar industry in Florida, and cripple homeowners' ability ...
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Tell Florida Lawmakers: Don’t Lower Our Minimum Wage

Floridians believe that everybody who works for a living should be paid enough to provide a decent and healthy life. That's why we voted overwhelmingly ...
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Could you survive on $275 per week?

Without Federal money, Florida's maximum unemployment benefit would be $275/week. Most people received much less than that.
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2021 Unemployment Reform Bills

Time to fix Florida’s unemployment system

The COVID crisis caused an enormous economic crisis in 2020. More than 2 million Floridians lost their jobs and tried to get unemployment benefits through ...
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