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Moody’s Credit Rating Agency Comments on the State Takeover of the Gainesville Regional Utility

Moody’s Investors Service issued what they call a “comment” on the impact of a state-appointed board for GRU. The firm expressed concern the change would lead to “potentially cutting financial transfers to the city and hurting its credit quality.”

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Let’s Celebrate Florida’s Diversity and Have More Local Freedom

State mandates proposed in Tallahassee would further undermine our ability to freely govern our communities, instead allowing corporations and their big teams of lawyers to run our communities.

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Is Tallahassee Threatening Florida’s Democracy? State Preemption Laws Benefit Corporations at the Expense of Local Communities

Under preemption, the state government takes away decision-making power from local governments, making it easier for corporations to have their way in a state with a population of over 21 million people.

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Gainesville Regional Utility sign

Gainesville Is One Step Closer To Losing Control of its Utility

A bill to take over the Gainesville Regional Utility, a municipally owned utility, and replace its board with a governor-appointed board, advanced out of a Florida House Committee on April 19.

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Sea Turtle Survival At Risk From Tallahassee Power Grab

Florida lawmakers are pushing a new law through the Florida Legislature that could put the survival of sea turtles at risk.

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New Florida law could lead to more puppy mills and more animal torture

A new bill is being fast-tracked through the Florida Legislature that would cripple local governments’ ability to stop puppy mills in local jurisdictions.

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