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Child Labor Rollback

The 2024 Legislative Session Promises a Rollback of Labor Protections

We are tracking bills and initiatives that touch on our mission of advocating for economic fairness, protecting Florida’s environment and animals, preserving local control, and strengthening our democracy. Here are some key bills we’re watching that you may not have heard about.

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A Cute boy and little girl running and splashing together in the Caribbean in the late afternoon while on a family vacation in Florida

The Unsurprising Connection Between Florida’s Environment and its Economic Success

How a strong and healthy environment boosts the largest sectors of Florida’s economy, and how our state leaders can boost our economic success by protecting ...
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Sustainable tourism in Florida

Sustainable Tourism: How Environmentally-Conscious Travelers Are Boosting Florida’s Economy

Sustainable tourism isn't just a buzzword: it's become a top priority for today's travelers. Learn how Florida's largest industry is leveraging sustainability to grow our ...
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Revealed: 75% of Florida’s Electricity Generated From One Volatile Fuel

Natural gas is the primary source of fuel for all of Florida’s major electricity companies. And the price fluctuations associated with natural gas hit Floridians' ...
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Solar Energy Gains Popularity in Southwest Florida Thanks to Affordability and Reliability

Solar energy proved its reliability and its affordability, even after devastating hurricanes hit Southwest Florida.
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Farming + Solar Power: Can Agrivoltaics Cultivate a Brighter Future in Florida?

In Florida, 75% of electricity comes from natural gas, causing price spikes for customers. Agrivoltaics offers a solution, allowing large scale solar projects without giving ...
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Gov. DeSantis Urged to Veto Bill That Uses Cancer Causing Materials for Roads

Florida lawmakers just passed a bill allowing the use of a radioactive byproduct of the fertilizer industry -phosphogypsum- to be used in road construction.
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Sea Turtle Survival At Risk From Tallahassee Power Grab

Florida lawmakers are pushing a new law through the Florida Legislature that could put the survival of sea turtles at risk.
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Ballot Initiatives: The People’s Superheroes of Florida

Whether it was approving medical marijuana in 2016, or restoring voting rights in 2018, raising the minimum wage in 2020, the voters of Florida have ...
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Manatees in Florida: An Endangered Species in Need of Protection

Manatees in Florida are facing numerous threats which should qualify them for endangered species status. With the right actions and protections in place, we can ...
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Electric School Buses — Safer and Cleaner For Our Kids

Replacing diesel school buses with electric school buses is equivalent to taking 27 cars off the road and makes a big difference in lung health ...
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The Next Fight For Energy Independence: Our Pocketbooks

Guest author Josh Sproat argues the next fight for energy independence isn’t just for countries, it’s for Floridians’ homes and pocketbooks.
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Can solar energy power bright futures for Florida’s schools?

The cost savings and flexible applications of solar schools creates a brighter way forward for Florida’s students and taxpayers.
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Setting Sun—Just The Latest Attack On Florida Solar Freedom

New legislation being pushed to curtail rooftop solar options is only the latest in a long series of attacks by FPL on consumer energy freedom ...
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Should Nestlé pay to pump 1 million gallons of water a day from Florida’s natural springs?

Nestlé Waters North America is projected to tap nearly 1 million gallons of water per day from the Ginnie Springs area for bottled water after ...
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