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house renovation

Contractor Fraud Allegations Soar in Florida: Why the Homeowners Construction Recovery Fund Needs an Upgrade

Floridians who have to deal with fraudulent construction contractors are left with little recourse, and the state fund designed to help them recover funds is woefully underfunded.

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natural gas price volatility

Volatile Natural Gas Prices Are The Key To Florida’s Painful Electricity Bills

Many Florida residents struggle to pay their electricity bills, and the skyrocketing costs are due to the volatile natural gas market.
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Let's Make Florida Affordable Again

After Years of “Florida-flation,” It’s Time To Make Florida Affordable Again

From property insurance to utility rates, healthcare costs to unemployment reform, affordable housing to protecting democracy, and safeguarding unions—we need our leaders to Make Florida ...
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Why is Florida not working to fix its broken unemployment system?

Why Did Florida Miss Out on Federal Aid to Fix Its Unemployment System?

A key piece of Florida's worker safety net is still broken: the unemployment system which is meant to give workers the tools to get through ...
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A Cute boy and little girl running and splashing together in the Caribbean in the late afternoon while on a family vacation in Florida

The Unsurprising Connection Between Florida’s Environment and its Economic Success

How a strong and healthy environment boosts the largest sectors of Florida’s economy, and how our state leaders can boost our economic success by protecting ...
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Sustainable tourism in Florida

Sustainable Tourism: How Environmentally-Conscious Travelers Are Boosting Florida’s Economy

Sustainable tourism isn't just a buzzword: it's become a top priority for today's travelers. Learn how Florida's largest industry is leveraging sustainability to grow our ...
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How to Attend a Local Legislative Delegation Meeting in Your County

In preparation for the 2024 Florida Legislative Session, we are now adding information on legislative delegation meetings being held across this state. We encourage you ...
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One Florida Electricity Utility Saved $375 Million In Fuel Costs Last Year By Investing In Solar

Florida Power & Light, the largest electric utility in Florida, saved $375 million in fuel costs in 2022 by investing in solar. They also announced ...
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Political donations in exchange for higher interest rates?

Short-term lenders are donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to Florida politicians in a bid to get higher interest rates on short term loans.
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Utility Monopolies Drive Up Our Energy Bills. How Some Floridians Create Their Own Power To Save Money

Some Floridians have created their own mini power plants on their roofs to get relief from high energy bills from monopoly utility companies. But it ...
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Did you vote by mail in Florida? Yes, your request was purged from Florida’s system. Here’s why.

Election officials are sounding the alarm about a new law which purged all vote-by-mail requests from Florida's system. Here's what you need to know about ...
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Is A Program To Help Florida Homeowners Struggling with Soaring Property Insurance Premiums Too Successful?

The My Safe Florida Home Program helps homeowners with needed home hardening projects and can help potentially lower their property insurance premiums. Why it's already ...
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Ohio voters reject a Republican attack on direct Democracy: Florida voters face the same attacks.

Ohio isn't the only state trying to add hurdles to direct democracy. Florida Republicans have filed a bill every year since 2017 to alter Florida's ...
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Why Is Your Electric Bill So High? New Reports Show How Power Companies Spend Your Money On Politics, and it’s 100% Legal

New reports reveal the extent to which major electric companies like FPL use money from your electric bill in lobbying and other political activities. And ...
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Revealed: 75% of Florida’s Electricity Generated From One Volatile Fuel

Natural gas is the primary source of fuel for all of Florida’s major electricity companies. And the price fluctuations associated with natural gas hit Floridians' ...
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Solar Energy Gains Popularity in Southwest Florida Thanks to Affordability and Reliability

Solar energy proved its reliability and its affordability, even after devastating hurricanes hit Southwest Florida.
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Farming + Solar Power: Can Agrivoltaics Cultivate a Brighter Future in Florida?

In Florida, 75% of electricity comes from natural gas, causing price spikes for customers. Agrivoltaics offers a solution, allowing large scale solar projects without giving ...
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New Florida Law Cuts the Time to Sue Your Builder for Construction Issues

A new law signed by Governor DeSantis means that property owners have less time to make a complaint against builders about construction problems.
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Five New Laws Gov. DeSantis Quietly Signed That Will Impact Floridians’ Wallets

There were a number of under-the-radar laws signed by Governor DeSantis with little fanfare but with significant financial impact on Floridians. Find out how your ...
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What’s in the New Florida Consumer Protection Bill to Empower and Safeguard Consumers?

Consumer protection laws are vital to ensure economic fairness and transparency in the Florida marketplace. In 2023, we had a fairly comprehensive pair of consumer ...
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How the Far Right Tore Apart One of the Best Tools to Fight Voter Fraud

The Electronic Registration Information Center, or ERIC, has for years operated as a bipartisan success story in election administration. But since early 2022, the far ...
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Gov. Ron DeSantis’s Surprising Record on Solar Energy in Florida

He may not flaunt his support for solar energy, but Governor DeSantis has promoted a free market that gave solar the chance to succeed - ...
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The Future is Electric: Florida’s EV Industry Boom An Opportunity For Jobs

Job opportunities abound in Florida's Electric Vehicle industry, from scientists conducting research to manufacturing workers who build vehicles, to those building out electric charging infrastructure.
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Expect More Volatile Natural Gas Prices as Oil and Gas Companies Put Investor Profits First

Deloitte’s forecast suggests natural gas prices, which experienced huge swings in 2022, will continue on the same volatile path this year.
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Duke Energy building a floating solar farm at a Polk County cooling pond

Polk County will see one of Florida's first floating solar installations as Duke Energy installs an experimental floating solar farm on one of its cooling ...
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FPL Parent Company NextEra Slammed With Class Action Lawsuit Over Florida Election Fraud Allegations

FPL is in the news again — this time, their parent company NextEra Energy, has been slammed with a class-action lawsuit over FPL's alleged involvement ...
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US $100 bills.

Did the 2023 Florida Legislative Session Do Anything to Make Florida Affordable Again?

Costs are getting out of control for too many Florida families, and wages are not keeping pace. For many, this is now "the Florida Squeeze." ...
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Moody’s Credit Rating Agency Comments on the State Takeover of the Gainesville Regional Utility

Moody’s Investors Service issued what they call a “comment” on the impact of a state-appointed board for GRU. The firm expressed concern the change would ...
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Gov. DeSantis Urged to Veto Bill That Uses Cancer Causing Materials for Roads

Florida lawmakers just passed a bill allowing the use of a radioactive byproduct of the fertilizer industry -phosphogypsum- to be used in road construction.
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Florida: Brace Yourself for Double-Digit Rate Increases from Citizens Property Insurance

Citizens Property Insurance, the state-backed property insurer of last resort for Florida residents, announced that it would be hiking insurance rates. Here's what you need ...
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