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One Florida Electricity Utility Saved $375 Million In Fuel Costs Last Year By Investing In Solar

Florida Power & Light, the largest electric utility in Florida, saved $375 million in fuel costs in 2022 by investing in solar. They also announced plans to reduce customer charges by close to the same amount.

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Utility Monopolies Drive Up Our Energy Bills. How Some Floridians Create Their Own Power To Save Money

Some Floridians have created their own mini power plants on their roofs to get relief from high energy bills from monopoly utility companies. But it ...
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Gov. Ron DeSantis’s Surprising Record on Solar Energy in Florida

He may not flaunt his support for solar energy, but Governor DeSantis has promoted a free market that gave solar the chance to succeed - ...
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Duke Energy building a floating solar farm at a Polk County cooling pond

Polk County will see one of Florida's first floating solar installations as Duke Energy installs an experimental floating solar farm on one of its cooling ...
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Floridians Should Applaud Silagy’s Exit from Florida Power & Light – Opinion

Guest author Alissa Jean Schafer explains in an opinion piece for the Sarasota Herald Tribune why the departure of Eric Silagy as CEO of Florida ...
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The Power Company Making Florida into a “Living Hell”

Outrageously high power bills in 2022 are explained by years of political interference from FPL, Florida's largest electricity monopoly.
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Setting Sun—Just The Latest Attack On Florida Solar Freedom

New legislation being pushed to curtail rooftop solar options is only the latest in a long series of attacks by FPL on consumer energy freedom ...
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FPL Controls Your Energy. They’re Accused Of Controlling Your Vote.

Is the money you pay on your FPL electric bill being used to change the outcome of Florida's elections?
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The Largest Electric Rate Hike in Florida’s History

In October 2021, the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) approved the largest rate increase in Florida Power and Light (FPL) history. In November, FPL received ...
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