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Contractor Fraud Allegations Soar in Florida: Why the Homeowners Construction Recovery Fund Needs an Upgrade

Floridians who have to deal with fraudulent construction contractors are left with little recourse, and the state fund designed to help them recover funds is woefully underfunded.

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Political donations in exchange for higher interest rates?

Short-term lenders are donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to Florida politicians in a bid to get higher interest rates on short term loans.
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Why Is Your Electric Bill So High? New Reports Show How Power Companies Spend Your Money On Politics, and it’s 100% Legal

New reports reveal the extent to which major electric companies like FPL use money from your electric bill in lobbying and other political activities. And ...
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The Public Service Commission has abandoned Florida’s seniors to FPL | Opinion

Guest author Martha Pelaez writes that older consumers are bearing the brunt of the rising cost of electricity. The reason: The Florida Public Service Commission ...
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Floridians Should Applaud Silagy’s Exit from Florida Power & Light – Opinion

Guest author Alissa Jean Schafer explains in an opinion piece for the Sarasota Herald Tribune why the departure of Eric Silagy as CEO of Florida ...
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Tell the Public Service Commission: No Electric Price Gouging

If the Florida Public Service Commission approves the request from Florida's largest utilities, your monthly electric bill could be going up by as much as ...
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Say NO to Florida’s New Natural Gas rate hike

Your monthly gas bill could be going up! Contact Florida's Public Service Commission directly and let them know your thoughts on the proposed rate hike.
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Take the Quiz: How Much Would a Gas Tax Holiday Save You?

Late last year, with gas prices rapidly rising across the country, Gov. Ron DeSantis promised that help was on the way for Floridians struggling to ...
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Florida’s unemployment benefits have been the same stingy amount for almost 25 years | Opinion

In 1998, the maximum unemployment benefit a Floridian could get was $275 a week. Today? The exact same $275 a week.
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