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Gainesville Regional Utility sign

Gainesville Is One Step Closer To Losing Control of its Utility

A bill to take over the Gainesville Regional Utility, a municipally owned utility, and replace its board with a governor-appointed board, advanced out of a Florida House Committee on April 19.

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The Next Disney-Style Takeover for DeSantis: The Gainesville Regional Utility

Just as the Florida Legislature advanced a law to claw back control over Disney's special taxing district, they advanced a separate bill to give Gov. ...
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The Playbook to Privatize G.R.U. and Raise Rates

Why the bill to take over Gainesville's publicly owned utility is part of a long playbook to privatize it and sell it to one of ...
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Victory! Governor DeSantis Vetoes SB 620

On Friday, June 24, Governor Ron DeSantis vetoed SB 620, formally named the Local Business Protection Act, but which critics dubbed the “Ending Local Freedoms ...
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Tell DeSantis to Veto the Puppy Mill Law

The Florida Legislature passed a cruel new bill that would give businesses that support the puppy mill industry, like Petland, much more power to operate ...
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New Florida law could lead to more puppy mills and more animal torture

A new bill is being fast-tracked through the Florida Legislature that would cripple local governments' ability to stop puppy mills in local jurisdictions.
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