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Political donations in exchange for higher interest rates?

Short-term lenders are donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to Florida politicians in a bid to get higher interest rates on short term loans.

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An EV charging station

Opinion: State must prohibit utilities from taking over EV charging networks

Guest columnist John Peyton argues that Florida’s electric vehicle charging marketplace is a monopoly. He argues that Florida should level the playing field in EV ...
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The Florida Legislature Should Not Enable Deceptive and Predatory Business Practices

All Floridians deserve a fair economic playing field with consumer protections that shield us from deceptive and predatory business practices. And that is what our ...
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The Importance of an Independent Public Counsel for Florida

The Public Counsel is one of the most important, but least understood roles in Florida government, acting as a watchdog on behalf of Florida’s utility ...
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Do Florida’s Corporate Tax Giveaways Come at the Expense of Funding Affordable Housing?

The most recent legislative session continued to prioritize corporate tax giveaways over much needed efforts to fund affordable housing in Florida.
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On Tax Day, Let’s Shine a Spotlight on Florida’s Corporate Tax Giveaways

Florida’s Families Pay Our Taxes to Fund Our Priorities – Florida’s Largest Corporations Should Pay Their Fair Share Too The Florida Department of Revenue said ...
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Tell Florida Lawmakers: Don’t Lower Our Minimum Wage

Floridians believe that everybody who works for a living should be paid enough to provide a decent and healthy life. That's why we voted overwhelmingly ...
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Could you survive on $275 per week?

Without Federal money, Florida's maximum unemployment benefit would be $275/week. Most people received much less than that.
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Tell FL Lawmakers to Expand Affordable Healthcare Access

Every year Florida fails to expand Medicaid results in unnecessary resident deaths. If Florida had expanded Medicaid, it would have prevented over 2,700 deaths between ...
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What’s Going On With Unemployment Reform in Florida?

Next week, March 1, will mark the one year anniversary of the first cases of COVID-19 being reported in the state of Florida. Since that ...
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2021 Unemployment Reform Bills

Time to fix Florida’s unemployment system

The COVID crisis caused an enormous economic crisis in 2020. More than 2 million Floridians lost their jobs and tried to get unemployment benefits through ...
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