Tell Your Lawmakers: Pass the 2024 Florida Voting Rights Act | Opportunity For All Floridians

More Actions You Can Take to Protect Democracy in Florida:

Protect Hillsborough County’s election budget!

Hillsborough County is facing a sudden cut to its election budget — that they already approved — by $200,000 in a short-sighted and highly unusual ...
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Protect Our Constitution, Say No to a Dangerous Article V Convention

Update: Gov. DeSantis signed these dangerous bills into law on Feb 1, 2024. Read more about why a constitutional convention that could put everyone in ...
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Tell Your Lawmakers: Don’t Silence Direct Democracy in Florida

It's hard enough for everyday people to make their voices heard in state politics. Tell your lawmaker: no new limits on citizen-led ballot initiatives!
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Save Vote-By-Mail in Florida

A new state bill introduced in the 2024 legislative session would eliminate almost all voting by mail in Florida. Write your lawmakers: tell them to ...
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