Tell Florida Lawmakers: Help Us Lower Our Electricity Bills With Reliable and Affordable Energy Options | Opportunity For All Floridians

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Add Your Name: Fully Fund the “My Safe Florida Home” Program

This popular program from the state of Florida could help ease the property insurance crisis — but it's not fully
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Email Your Lawmakers and Say No to Hidden Political Charges on Your Electric Bill

Your electric bill might be funding politics without your knowledge. Utility companies are using your money to support industry associations
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Demand Accountability: Find Out Which Lawmakers Voted To Shield Insurance Companies at Citizens’ Expense

House Bill 837 is a historic and alarming measure that favors the interests of insurance companies at the expense of
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Hold Your Lawmaker Accountable for Privatizing Our Water Utilities and Raising our Water Bills

In a state already facing an affordability crisis, the last thing we need is increased costs for an essential resource
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