Save Florida’s Sea Turtles! Tell Gov. DeSantis to VETO HB 1515 | Opportunity For All Floridians

More Actions You Can Take to Protect Animals and Home Rule in Florida:

Tell Gov. DeSantis: Stop the State Takeover of the Gainesville Regional Utility: No Rate Hikes!

The takeover of the municipally-owned Gainesville Regional Utility will almost certainly lead to the utility being sold to one of Florida’s electric monopolies, and higher rates for customers. Write Gov. DeSantis and your state lawmakers today and tell them: no state takeover of GRU, no higher rates!

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Call Gov. DeSantis to VETO HB 1515 and Save Our Sea Turtles

The governor’s office is keeping close track on how many phone calls they receive about stopping HB 1515 and saving Florida’s sea turtles. Make a phone call today.

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Write your lawmakers: Ban the Retail Sale of Dogs and Cats

Write an email to your state legislators and ask them to ban the retail sale of dogs and cats which only encourages the cruel conditions of mass breeding operations known as “puppy mills.” #Adopt.

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Write your lawmakers: support veterinarian telemedicine in Florida 📱 🐶 🐱

Telemedicine services help provide more convenient and accessible options for pet care, and help reduce costs for pet owners while still maintaining quality care for our pets. Write your lawmaker in support of veterinarian telemedicine in Florida.

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