Write Your Lawmaker: No New Limits on Citizen-Led Ballot Initiatives! | Opportunity For All Floridians

More Actions You Can Take to Protect Florida's Environment:

Call Gov. DeSantis to VETO HB 1515 and Save Our Sea Turtles

The governor’s office is keeping close track on how many phone calls they receive about stopping HB 1515 and saving Florida’s sea turtles. Make a phone call today.

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Urgent Update: Allow Our Schools to Add Solar Roofs for Emergency Shelters

This bill is stuck in committee. Write the chairman to support letting our schools construct better emergency shelters where they can keep the lights on during a storm.

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Save Florida’s Sea Turtles! Tell Gov. DeSantis to VETO HB 1515

If local governments can no longer enact or strengthen their existing ordinances, it is no exaggeration to say that thousands of sea turtles may die each year.

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Write Your Lawmakers: Protect the Everglades

Write your lawmakers to support legislation to protect the Everglades Protection Area (EPA), which is a vital ecosystem and a major source of drinking water for millions of people in South Florida.

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