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More Actions You Can Take to Support Economic Opportunity in Florida:

Ask Gov. DeSantis to Veto 36% Interest Rates: Protect Borrowers From Predatory Interest Rates

Tell Gov. DeSantis: we need more protections from lenders, not 36% predatory interest rates which will trap borrowers in endless debt.

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Tell Gov. DeSantis: Stop the State Takeover of the Gainesville Regional Utility: No Rate Hikes!

The takeover of the municipally-owned Gainesville Regional Utility will almost certainly lead to the utility being sold to one of Florida’s electric monopolies, and higher rates for customers. Write Gov. DeSantis and your state lawmakers today and tell them: no state takeover of GRU, no higher rates!

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Urgent Update: Allow Our Schools to Add Solar Roofs for Emergency Shelters

This bill is stuck in committee. Write the chairman to support letting our schools construct better emergency shelters where they can keep the lights on during a storm.

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Demand Florida Investigate Allegations of Property Insurance Claims Being Altered

Recent report has alleged that certain Florida insurance carriers have altered field adjusters’ damage estimates from Hurricane Ian to lower policyholder payouts. Demand an investigation now.

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