Make a Call to Save Prepaid Postage and Sample Ballots in Brevard County | Opportunity For All Floridians

More Actions You Can Take to Protect Democracy in Florida:

Write Brevard Commissioners: Don’t Take Away Our Sample Ballots

The Brevard County Commission just voted 3-2 to remove funding for Sample Ballots and prepaid postage from the Brevard Supervisor
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Find out which Florida lawmakers voted to make citizen ballot initiatives harder and send them an email

For years, Florida's Republican party has sought to raise the passing threshold for citizen-led ballot initiatives from 60% to 66%.
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Preserve Election Integrity: Demand Florida Rejoin the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC)

Florida needs to re-focus on real election integrity measures and rejoin the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC). Accurate voter rolls
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Write Your Lawmakers: Protect Vote-by-Mail in Florida

Millions of Floridians from all walks of life rely on Florida's Vote-by-Mail system to participate in our democracy. Tell the
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