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How often did your lawmaker vote to help Floridians?
We selected bills that help or hurt Floridians in a variety of areas: Economic Opportunity, Democracy, Protecting Florida’s animals and natural environment, and preserving Home Rule. Lawmakers get credit when they vote for a bill that helps Floridians, or against a bill that hurts Floridians.

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Requiring Broader Public Support for Constitutional Amendments or Revisions

HJR 335 would make the citizen ballot initiative process even harder than it already is by moving the bar from 60% to 66% in order to pass a state constitutional amendment at the ballot. The…

Veterinary Practices

This bill is an act relating to veterinary practices in Florida. It defines “veterinary telehealth” as the use of telecommunications technology to provide health care services to animals. The bill allows licensed veterinarians to practice…

Veterinary Practices

This bill introduces the concept of “veterinary telehealth” to Florida veterinary practices. It authorizes licensed veterinarians in the state to practice veterinary telehealth, defined as the use of synchronous or asynchronous telecommunication technology to offer…