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This call to action is still active.

Add Your Name: Make Florida Affordable Again

Are you feeling the squeeze of Florida’s skyrocketing housing costs and stagnant wages? Do you think our leaders need to focus on making Florida affordable again? Add your name:

Hold Your Lawmakers Accountable for the State Takeover of the Municipal Utility G.R.U.

Despite thousands of emails in opposition, Gov. DeSantis has signed the takeover of the municipally-owned Gainesville Regional Utility into law, a move which will almost certainly lead to the utility being sold to one of Florida’s electric monopolies, and higher rates for customers. Find out how your state lawmakers voted on this bill and hold them accountable.

Thank Florida Leaders Who Support Solar Freedom

He may not flaunt his support for solar, but Governor DeSantis has stopped bad bills that would have tipped the scales against solar energy. Send a thank you to our Florida leaders and let them know you support solar freedom.

Stop the Squeeze! Make Florida Affordable Again!

Let’s stop “Florida-flation”! 🍊 We love our state, but we are feeling the squeeze. Add your name to tell Florida’s elected leaders to focus on solutions to lower costs and help us keep more of our hard-earned money.

Write Your Lawmakers: Protect Vote-by-Mail in Florida

Millions of Floridians from all walks of life rely on Florida’s Vote-by-Mail system to participate in our democracy. Tell the Florida Legislature: our vote-by-mail system is the gold standard, don’t take away our freedom to vote by mail!

Hands Off Our Social Security and Medicare

Social Security and Medicare are bedrock programs that allow Florida seniors to live with dignity and health in their golden years. Add your name: don’t sunset these programs for Floridians living in our golden years

Save the Manatees!

Help us save the manatees: tell the US Fish & Wildlife Service to uplist the manatee as an endangered species under the Endangered Species Act.