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About Us

Our Mission

Putting Hardworking Florida Families First

Our mission is to advocate for economic fairness and consumer protections for all Floridians. We believe in a Florida that puts workers over corporations. We believe in animal welfare and protecting Florida’s natural beauty. We believe in home rule and ensuring every voter’s voice is heard.

What We Do

Analyze and Communicate

We analyze Florida state policy proposals and communicate with you to help you understand the impact those policies may have on you and your family.

Provide Advocacy Tools

We also provide easy-to-use tools for you to voice your opinion to Florida's decision-makers.

Publish Scorecards

We also publish a scoring system, so you can evaluate how your state lawmakers are doing to make your life better.

Think of us as your go-to hub for becoming a more informed voter, learning how policies impact you, and taking action to support or oppose issues that matter most to you.

Interested in hearing from us?

Want to see what our members achieved?

Check out our 2023 report. And be sure to check out our Action Center and Blog for more ways to stay involved.

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Just fill out our “issues survey,” and we will inform you about policies that may impact you.

Worried About Too Many Emails or Texts?

We understand you are busy, and so we only communicate when it is really important. On average, you will receive 6 emails annually!