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About Us

About Us Our Mission Putting Hardworking Florida Families First Our mission is to advocate for economic fairness and consumer protections for all Floridians. We believe in a Florida that puts workers over corporations. We believe

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Issues Add a header to begin generating the table of contents Scroll to Top Take Our Issues Survey Economic Opportunity We believe in a Florida with economic opportunity for all Floridians, and that invests back

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Economic Opportunity Score

Florida Legislator Score How often did your lawmaker vote to help Floridians? At Opportunity For All Floridians, our mission is to promote better economic opportunities for all Floridians, ensuring that everyone can live a happy,

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Our Priorities

Our Priorities Now more than ever, we need policies that have an immediate and substantive impact on Floridian’s pocketbooks. The cost of living in Florida is rising exponentially and our policies are not keeping pace.

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