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What You Did in 2023

The Opportunity For All Floridians 2023 Report


Opportunity For All Floridians is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization dedicated to a mission of economic fairness, consumer protection, preserving Florida’s natural beauty, and protecting Floridians’ voices in local and state government.

We live in all

counties of Florida.

We grew by 10,000 members this year, and we now have than 50,000 members — active participants in the work of Opportunity For All Floridians.

Members of Opportunity For All Floridians
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New Members in 2023
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We analyze Florida state policy proposals and communicate with you to help you understand the impact those policies may have on you and your family. We also provide easy-to-use tools for you to voice your opinion to Florida’s decision-makers.

Together, we communicated over


times (through emails, petitions, and phone calls) with our state lawmakers, county officials, public utility commissioners, the state Cabinet, and the governor this year.

We also believe in making it easy for you to evaluate how your state lawmakers are doing to make your life better. And so we introduced a lawmaker scorecard this year.

Introducing Our Lawmaker Scorecards

This year, Opportunity For All Floridians introduced a lawmaker scorecard tool to help you evaluate how your lawmakers are working to make Florida a better place to live on a variety of issues. We evaluated bills in a number of areas: economic opportunity, democracy, environment, animals, and local control (or “home rule”). And then we gave lawmakers a score based on how they voted on these bills.

Total number of bills we evaluated and scored:


Check out how your lawmakers scored in each category:

What You Did For Our Democracy:

We believe that all Florida voters deserve the equal freedom to vote, because voting is how we work to improve our lives so we all have a chance to live a happy, prosperous, and free life. And our members have taken action to protect and strengthen Florida’s democracy.

Total Democracy Actions taken in 2023:

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What You Did For Economic Opportunity, Lowering Costs:

You care about economic opportunity, fair utility rates, lowering housing-related expenses, and creating an economy that works for all Floridians:

Total Economic Opportunity Actions taken in 2023:

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What You Did For Florida's Animals and Natural Beauty:

You believe that protecting Florida’s economic future means protecting Florida’s beautiful shorelines, waterways, and the natural places that make our state such an amazing destination and place to live. And so when Florida’s most iconic creatures are threatened — like Florida’s manatees or the sea turtles that nest on our shorelines — you care. And your actions showed that.

Total Actions For the Environment and Animals taken in 2023:

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Thank you!

We hope you will continue to stay active with our work in 2024.

We wish you and your family a joyful holiday season and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Thank You!

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