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Reduces time to sue for construction defects


Sponsored by: John Snyder

Cosponsored by: Alex Andrade,

Webster Barnaby,

Dean Black,

Tom Fabricio,

Mike Giallombardo,

Sam Killebrew,

Tom Leek,

Johanna Lopez,

Randy Maggard,

These bills significantly reduce the time that property owners have to legally address issues with builders regarding defects in their properties. This bill modifies the period within which legal action based on the design, planning, or construction of real property improvements must be initiated. It also changes the events that start the clock on these limitations and repose periods. While there are exceptions for model homes and improvements involving multiple buildings, the bill still restricts the scope of actionable violations under the Florida Building Code to material violations. Overall, this legislation restricts property owners' rights and ability to seek redress for construction-related defects, a stance we cannot endorse.

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Vote History:
This bill passed through the House Judiciary Committee, the House Regulatory Reform & Economic Development Subcommittee and the House Civil Justice Subcommittee in the House, but did not receive a final vote in the House. It was replaced by its companion bill, SB 360, which was passed and signed into law.

House Votes

Representative Party Dist. Vote
Salzman, Michelle Republican 1
Andrade, Robert Alexander "Alex" Republican 2
Rudman, Dr. Joel Republican 3
Maney, Patt Republican 4
Abbott, Shane G. Republican 5
Griffitts, Phillip Wayne "Griff" Republican 6
Shoaf, Jason Republican 7
Franklin II, Gallop Democrat 8
Tant, Allison Democrat 9
Brannan III, Robert Charles "Chuck" Republican 10
Garrison, Sam Republican 11
Duggan, Wyman Republican 12
Nixon, Angela "Angie" Democrat 13
Daniels, Kimberly Democrat 14
Black, Dean Republican 15
Michael, Kiyan Republican 16
Baker, Jessica Republican 17
Stevenson, Cyndi Republican 18
Renner, Paul Republican 19
Payne, Bobby Republican 20
Hinson, Yvonne Hayes Democrat 21
Clemons, Charles Wesley "Chuck" Republican 22
Massullo, MD, Ralph E. Republican 23
Chamberlin, Ryan Republican 24
Yarkosky, Taylor Michael Republican 25
Truenow, Keith L. Republican 26
McClain, Stan Republican 27
Leek, Thomas J. "Tom" Republican 28
Barnaby, Webster Republican 29
Tramont, Chase Republican 30
Sirois, Tyler I. Republican 31
Altman, Thad Republican 32
Fine, Randy Republican 33
Brackett, Robert A. "Robbie" Republican 34
Hawkins, Fred Republican 35
Plakon, Rachel Lora Saunders Republican 36
Plasencia, Susan Republican 37
Smith, David Republican 38
Bankson, Douglas Michael “Doug” Republican 39
Bracy Davis, LaVon Democrat 40
Antone, Bruce Hadley Democrat 41
Eskamani, Anna V. Democrat 42
Lopez, Johanna Democrat 43
Harris, Jennifer "Rita" Democrat 44
Amesty, Carolina Republican 45
Arrington, Kristen Aston Democrat 46
Stark, Paula A. Republican 47
Killebrew, Sam Republican 48
Bell, Melony M. Republican 49
Canady, Jennifer Republican 50
Tomkow, Josie Republican 51
Temple, John Paul Republican 52
Holcomb, Jeff Republican 53
Maggard, Randy Republican 54
Steele, Kevin M. Republican 55
Yeager, Bradford Troy "Brad" Republican 56
Anderson, Adam Republican 57
Berfield, Kimberly Republican 58
Jacques, Berny Republican 59
Cross, Lindsay Michelle Democrat 60
Chaney, Linda Republican 61
Rayner-Goolsby, Michele K. Democrat 62
Hart, Dianne "Ms Dee" Democrat 63
Valdes, Susan L. Democrat 64
Gonzalez Pittman, Karen Republican 65
Koster, Traci Republican 66
Driskell, Fentrice Democrat 67
McClure, Lawrence Republican 68
Alvarez, Daniel Antonio "Danny" Republican 69
Beltran, Mike Republican 70
Robinson, William Cloud "Will" Republican 71
Gregory, Tommy Republican 72
McFarland, Fiona Republican 73
Buchanan, James Republican 74
Grant, Michael Republican 75
Roach, Spencer Republican 76
Esposito, Tiffany Republican 77
Persons-Mulicka, Jenna Republican 78
Giallombardo, Mike Republican 79
Botana, Adam Republican 80
Rommel, Bob Republican 81
Melo, Lauren Republican 82
Tuck, Kaylee Republican 83
Trabulsy, Dana Republican 84
Overdorf, Tobin Rogers “Toby” Republican 85
Snyder, John Republican 86
Caruso, Michael A. “Mike" Republican 87
Edmonds, Jervonte “Tae” Democrat 88
Silvers, David Democrat 89
Casello, Joe Democrat 90
Gossett-Seidman, Peggy Republican 91
Skidmore, Kelly Democrat 92
Waldron, Katherine Democrat 93
Roth, Rick Republican 94
Hunschofsky, Christine Democrat 95
Daley, Dan Democrat 96
Dunkley, Lisa Democrat 97
Williams, Patricia H. Democrat 98
Campbell, Daryl Democrat 99
LaMarca, Chip Republican 100
Cassel, Hillary Democrat 101
Gottlieb, Michael "Mike" Democrat 102
Bartleman, Robin Democrat 103
Robinson, Felicia Simone Democrat 104
Woodson, Marie Paule Democrat 105
Basabe, Fabian Republican 106
Benjamin, Christopher Democrat 107
Joseph, Dotie Democrat 108
Gantt, Ashley Viola Democrat 109
Fabricio, Tom Republican 110
Borrero, David Republican 111
Rizo, Alex Republican 112
Lopez, Vicki L. Republican 113
Busatta Cabrera, Demi Republican 114
Garcia, Alina Republican 115
Perez, Daniel Republican 116
Chambliss, Kevin Democrat 117
Fernandez-Barquin, Juan Alfonso Republican 118
Porras, Juan Carlos Republican 119
Mooney, Jr., James Vernon “Jim" Republican 120

Senate Votes

Senator Party Dist. Vote
Broxson, Doug Republican 1
Trumbull, Jay Republican 2
Simon, Corey Republican 3
Yarborough, Clay Republican 4
Davis, Tracie Democrat 5
Bradley, Jennifer Republican 6
Hutson, Travis Republican 7
Wright, Tom A. Republican 8
Perry, Keith Republican 9
Brodeur, Jason Republican 10
Ingoglia, Blaise Republican 11
Burton, Colleen Republican 12
Baxley, Dennis Republican 13
Collins, Jay Republican 14
Thompson, Geraldine F. "Geri" Democrat 15
Rouson, Darryl Ervin Democrat 16
Stewart, Linda Democrat 17
DiCeglie, Nick Republican 18
Mayfield, Debbie Republican 19
Boyd, Jim Republican 20
Hooper, Ed Republican 21
Gruters, Joe Republican 22
Burgess, Danny Republican 23
Powell, Bobby Democrat 24
Torres, Jr., Victor M. Democrat 25
Berman, Lori Democrat 26
Albritton, Ben Republican 27
Passidomo, Kathleen Republican 28
Grall, Erin Republican 29
Polsky, Tina Democrat 30
Harrell, Gayle Republican 31
Osgood, Rosalind Democrat 32
Martin, Jonathan Republican 33
Jones, Shevrin "Shev" Democrat 34
Book, Lauren Democrat 35
Garcia, Ileana Republican 36
Pizzo, Jason W. B. Democrat 37
Calatayud, Alexis Republican 38
Avila, Bryan Republican 39
Rodriguez, Ana Maria Republican 40

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