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How to Attend a Local Legislative Delegation Meeting in Your County

For the 2024 Florida Legislative Session, legislators are hosting public meetings in counties across the state. We’ve compiled details on these meetings here. Join in, voice your priorities, or if you can’t attend, send a note to your county delegation. Your input is vital in shaping legislative priorities.

Hint: Click on any of the events in the calendar below to see details on how to attend the meetings, or visit our events page.

Thanks for being engaged and advocating for a more affordable Florida!



Actions you can take to protect Democracy:

Protect Hillsborough County’s election budget!

Hillsborough County is facing a sudden cut to its election budget — that they already approved — by $200,000 in a short-sighted and highly unusual ...
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Tell Your Lawmakers: Pass the 2024 Florida Voting Rights Act

This landmark legislation is named after in honor of Harry T. and Harriette V. Moore, two of Florida’s most important voting rights advocates who died ...
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