Did the 2023 Florida Legislative Session Do Anything to Make Florida Affordable Again? | Opportunity For All Floridians

Did the 2023 Florida Legislative Session Do Anything to Make Florida Affordable Again?

Our mission is to promote more economic opportunities for all Floridians, so we can all live a happy, prosperous, and free life. Unfortunately, Florida’s rising cost of living and stagnant wages—what we call “The Florida Squeeze”—have made this increasingly difficult. So now that the Florida 2023 legislative session is over, it’s time to evaluate how our state’s leaders did: what bills were passed to help alleviate the squeeze, what bills would have helped make Florida more affordable again? What bills are going to make things worse? Let’s dive in:

Bills That Drive up Consumer Costs:

Bills That Drive Down Consumer Costs

Bills That Protect Consumers

Bills That Impact Employment and Wages

Economic Opportunity Actions:

Add Your Name: Strengthen Protections for Homeowners Facing Construction Fraud

Write your Florida lawmakers to build a better financial safety net for Florida homeowners facing contractor fraud.
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Add your name: Support homeowners’ insurance rebates for Florida’s low-income seniors

The sharp increase in insurance premiums is pushing many seniors to the brink of losing their homes. Write your lawmakers to support SB 348, which ...
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Tell Florida Lawmakers: Help Us Lower Our Electricity Bills With Reliable and Affordable Energy Options

Volatile natural gas prices are driving electricity bills through the roof for families across Florida. Tell Florida lawmakers: we deserve reliable and affordable solar energy ...
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