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The Luddites Strike Again: Electric Vehicles Edition

The Luddites were a group of 19th-century textile workers who were opposed to the Industrial Revolution and the use of new technologies, such as machines, that they believed would take away their jobs. They were known for destroying machines and other property, and they even threatened the lives of factory owners and managers.

The Leader of the Luddites, Political satire: an agitator wearing a woman’s bonnet and dress gesturing in front of a burning building with a crowd waving knives and guns. May 1812
Hand-coloured etching

The Luddites’ protests were unsuccessful in stopping the Industrial Revolution, but they did raise awareness of the social and economic costs of technological change. Today, we are facing a similar challenge in the form of the transition to electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are seen by many as a threat to the oil and gas industry, and there is a growing backlash against them.

However, just like the Luddites, these protesters are missing the bigger picture. The transition to electric vehicles is not just about jobs or the environment. It is also about our national security. The United States is currently dependent on foreign oil, which makes us vulnerable to price fluctuations and supply disruptions. Electric vehicles would help us to reduce our reliance on oil and become more energy independent.

Electric vehicles are also better for the environment than gas-powered cars. They produce zero emissions, which helps to reduce the air pollution which causes climate change. And they are more efficient, which means that they can travel further on a single charge.

Despite the opposition, the transition to electric vehicles is moving full steam ahead and is expected to pick up even more speed in the future. So, like it or not, it’s time to embrace the future and charge ahead!

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