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Ballot Initiatives: The People’s Superheroes of Florida

Ballot initiatives in Florida are like superheroes for the people! Despite years of villains (a.k.a. Tallahassee legislators) trying to stop them, they keep coming back stronger and making a real impact on the state.

Let’s start with the big win for workers—the minimum wage got a massive boost to $15/hour with a 61% vote of approval in 2020. That’s a much-needed sidekick for those trying to make ends meet!

Next up, in 2018, restoring voting rights for returning citizens – 65% of voters were like “yes please, let’s give nonviolent offenders who have served their time a second chance!” 

And, when it comes to medical marijuanaa whopping 71% of voters in 2016 were like “why not let people find relief if they need it?”

When it comes to protecting Florida’s coastlines and oceans, the people were like “no way, Jose!” to offshore oil and gas drilling. With a 69% vote of approval, the ban on drilling in our coastal waters was a real win for the environment in 2018. The seas and wildlife of Florida can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing they’re safe from harm.  And let’s not forget the measure to conserve land and water resources, which was just as popular!

In 2018, Florida voters showed that greyhounds deserve a fair shot at a leisurely life, not just a sprint to the finish line. Florida said goodbye to the dog days of commercial greyhound racing with a resounding 69% victory for canine compassion.

And last but definitely not least, the measure to ban public officials from lobbying for compensation while in office, and for six years after they leave office. A whopping 79% of voters in 2018 were like “that’s just common sense!”

So, despite the efforts of those trying to limit this people power, the Florida ballot initiative process is like a team of superheroes, fighting for the people and making a real difference in the state!

As we’ve seen, the Florida ballot initiative process is a powerful tool for the people, allowing citizens to bring about real change in the state. However, there are still those who would like to limit this constitutionally-protected form of direct democracy and raise the threshold required for a measure to pass from 60% to 66%.

But we can fight back! If you believe in the power of the people and want to protect the Florida ballot initiative process, send an email to your legislators today and voice your opposition to any changes to the current threshold of 60%.

Together, we can make sure that the voice of the people continues to be heard loud and clear in Florida!

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