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Gov. DeSantis: Please Veto H.B. 1515.

— Florida's sea turtles

Florida’s coastal cities and towns need the freedom to pass the ordinances which cut down on light pollution causing sea turtle deaths. H.B. 1515 would paralyze local governments—and threaten Florida’s sea turtles. Support local freedom. Please veto H.B. 1515.

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Ask Gov. DeSantis to Veto 36% Interest Rates: Protect Borrowers From Predatory Interest Rates

Tell Gov. DeSantis: we need more protections from lenders, not 36% predatory interest rates which will trap borrowers in endless debt.

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Stop the Squeeze! Make Florida Affordable Again!

Let’s stop “Florida-flation”! 🍊 We love our state, but we are feeling the squeeze. Add your name to tell Florida’s elected leaders to focus on solutions to lower costs and help us keep more of our hard-earned money.

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Tell Gov. DeSantis: Stop the State Takeover of the Gainesville Regional Utility: No Rate Hikes!

The takeover of the municipally-owned Gainesville Regional Utility will almost certainly lead to the utility being sold to one of Florida’s electric monopolies, and higher rates for customers. Write Gov. DeSantis and your state lawmakers today and tell them: no state takeover of GRU, no higher rates!

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Call Gov. DeSantis to VETO HB 1515 and Save Our Sea Turtles

The governor’s office is keeping close track on how many phone calls they receive about stopping HB 1515 and saving Florida’s sea turtles. Make a phone call today.

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FPL Parent Company NextEra Slammed With Class Action Lawsuit Over Florida Election Fraud Allegations

FPL is in the news again — this time, their parent company NextEra Energy, has been slammed with a class-action lawsuit over FPL’s alleged involvement with election fraud schemes.

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US $100 bills.
Economic Opportunity

Did the 2023 Florida Legislative Session Do Anything to Make Florida Affordable Again?

Costs are getting out of control for too many Florida families, and wages are not keeping pace. For many, this is now “the Florida Squeeze.” Did Florida’s legislature do anything this session to Make Florida Affordable Again? Take a look:

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Moody’s Credit Rating Agency Comments on the State Takeover of the Gainesville Regional Utility

Moody’s Investors Service issued what they call a “comment” on the impact of a state-appointed board for GRU. The firm expressed concern the change would lead to “potentially cutting financial transfers to the city and hurting its credit quality.”

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Gov. DeSantis Urged to Veto Bill That Uses Cancer Causing Materials for Roads

Florida lawmakers just passed a bill allowing the use of a radioactive byproduct of the fertilizer industry -phosphogypsum- to be used in road construction.

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By the Numbers

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The median Florida home price as of August 2022.

$ 0

The average homeowner insurance policy in Florida, which is 67% more than the national annual average.

$ 0

The average car insurance policy in Florida, which is 37% more than the national annual average of $2,014.

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The number of times Opportunity For All Floridians members communicated with lawmakers about their concerns in 2022.

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